Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Help on comments

Hello everybody, I know you're out there.  Friends have tried to comment on my blog, but I'm still not receiving any comments, good or bad, except a couple of tests I sent myself.  If anyone stumbles across my blog who is knowledgeable, can get through, and knows what is going on. I'd really appreciate your help.  Also, I was not asked to moderate the test comments I did, although I have that option checked.  More art tomorrow.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Farmhouse on Santa Rosa Creek Road

                                                   8"x10"  Oil on linen panel
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I have painted this scene many times.  It is an old farmhouse that has now been converted to a bed  and breakfast, and the owners are very nice people who welcome artists.  In addition to the bed and breakfast operation, there are still persimmon trees and other crops growing on the property    The road is one of the many beautiful country roads on California's Central coast.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Carolina Farm

                                                            16"x20" Oil on Canvas

This is an old farm house near Hendersonville, North Carolina.  It's unusual because of the blue roof, and the red barn and outhouses. (I did greatly exaggerate the intensity.)   Structures around this part of the state are old and colors are generally more muted, barns usually unpainted.  It was a pleasant spring day and everything was turning GREEN!!  This is actually a studio painting done from a 12"x16" study.          Mike
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Friday, June 24, 2011

Thoughts about little.

I'.m sitting here on a rainy afternoon trying to decide whether to post another painting image or not.  Although I paint almost every day, I don't finish a painting every day.  I think I'll wait until tomorrow or so to show another.  If I run out, I'll be working desperately to produce and I don't want to work desperately.  In fact, if it starts feeling like work at all, I'll have to take a vacation.  Have a nice day.         Mike     

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Old Man River

                                                            9"x12"  Oil on Linen Panel

I was born a long time ago in a small town on the west bank of the Mississippi river in New Orleans, and painted this view as it would look from the levee there.  The background has been greatly simplified.  When I was young (just after the glaciers retreated), we would go dancing on the beautiful dance floor of a riverboat like the one shown here.   Those were the days, my friend.                 Mike

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Shipyard Scene

                                                      8"x10" Oil on linen panel.
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Recently I went to Wilmington NC to the regional OPA show and got to do a little plein air work while I was there.  This isn't one of those paintings.  All artists encounter perfect subjects like this --  but with no place to set up.  I did this one in my studio from a photo taken while "harbor cruising" on a paddle wheeler   The brightly colored container ship was very paintable and I intend to do a large work later.        Mike

Monday, June 20, 2011


                                                       9"x12"  Oil on Linen on board

Noyo is a harbor located in northern Cal. and is very picturesque and paintable. I was about halfway into a sketch when this small boat obligingly pulled up in front of me and laid up to the wharf.   In my painting,  I happily put it back to where it was just approaching..   A fun day!                  Mike
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Saturday, June 18, 2011


No picture today.   I am still trying to figure out all the options and operations of a blog.    Monday, I will show another painting, but as I said in an earlier post, I am not even going to attempt to do one a day.   Actually, I still feel a little silly writing the text to persons unknown---no one may ever read my labored prose.   Have a good weekend!    (Just in case you have stumbled across it and read this far).                      Mike        

Thursday, June 16, 2011


Whew!    I finally got  the blog and auction link setup.   David Marine of  DPW was untiring in helping me with the auction part.  On the blog itself, I'm don't think the "comments" part is working, however.   I'll wait and see.   It was an interesting experience.               Mike  

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Farm with Galloways

                                                     8"x10" Oil on linen on board
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I stumbled across this farm in Vermont not too far from Lake Champlain. I was driving along a back road and when I saw it I stopped instantly and set up for a painting. Another thing that really got my attention was the cattle. The first time you see Belted Galloway cattle, you can hardly believe they are real. Giant Oreo's!  Dark head, shoulders and rump with a white band around the middle. And they are all like that! Anyway, I did the painting and traveled on to the lake. Great day.            Mike
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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Greasewood Flats

                                              12"x16" Oil on canvas on hardboard

I spent a vacation a while back in Scottsdale, Ariz. and did a few paintings while I was there. This one was done at Greasewood Flats, a spot not too far out of town. Very picturesque!  Old West ambiance with wagons, shacks, and artifacts scattered around.  Some years ago I took a workshop with the late Paul Strisik, a very nice guy and a great artist, and if that wasn't exciting enough, Harley Brown, another great artist, happened to be there.  We painted for an afternoon in just about the same location as above.   I've been very lucky, at times.                     Mike
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Monday, June 13, 2011

Memories of a Friend

                                               11"x14" Oil on linen on hardboard

For a long time, I was lucky enough to be a good friend to a wonderful artist and gentleman, George Gibson.   He was one of the famed early California watercolorists and the retired art director of MGM studios.  George and I painted together for quite awhile until his death a few years back at the age of 96, and he will always be remembered fondly.  The painting's name reminds me that this is the scene he and I painted the last time I painted with him.
It's an interesting farm, because there are many outbuildings.  Regardless of time of day or lighting conditions, there are compositions that are fine for the plein air artist.              Mike
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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Cold day in Vermont

                                                    14"x18" Oil on canvas on board

This was done from a slide I took a few years ago in Vermont.  When I was younger, I used to paint in snow occasionally, standing on a piece of matting, and usually enjoying it.  Now that I'm older (much older!) I pass on plein air work in really uncomfortable weather.   I guess all those years in California made me soft. Luckily I have hundreds of excellent slides, and now digital shots, that I can use.  One problem, though, is my lack of discipline in record keeping.  The buyer said it reminded her of scenes near her vermont home and asked if I knew the actual location, and of course, I didn't.   I was positive it was Vermont, at least. From now on I'll keep good records!                        Mike
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Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Irregulars


                                               Cambria's "Wednesday Irregulars"

Thought I'd throw in a picture of the California group I have mentioned.  I've painted with them for almost thirty years.  At first, there were only four of us, but over the years it has grown considerably.  Happily, the local farmers, ranchers and landowners all know of the group and allow us on their property.  We were having our lunch and critique on the picnic grounds of Leffingwell  Landing, the subject of  my June 9th posting, a popular park and picnic area.   The nominal founder of the group, Art, is in the green shirt sitting quietly in the back row.   Unusual---- he's almost always in front critiquing or being heckled.  Hee Hee!

I still don't have "Comments" set up on this blog, but I will have by tomorrow, if all goes well.                

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Friday, June 10, 2011

Old House with Cistern

                                                         12"x16" Oil on canvas

The old house has been completely refurbished since I painted this.  The little white shack which was used to store riding tack is gone, as is the cistern.  As the mountains behind indicate, this is another California painting.  Located just outside of my home town of Cambria, it is on a road of ranches, farms, creeks and hills, a favorite spot for the Wednesday group.   Tomorrow, I'll throw in a few shots of those Irregulars.                                          Mike
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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Windy day at Leffingwell

                                                       20"x30" Oil on Linen Canvas  

This is a scene from the wonderful little town of Cambria. California, where I lived for 27 years.  It hangs in the medical office of one of my oldest friends.  Leffingwell is now a state park area.   In olden days the indian inhabitants used to drag whales on to the beach for flensing.   It is a beautiful scene, and I was painting with the "Wednesday Irregulars" who are actually pretty regular as a group, although the number of participants varies from wednesday to wednesday.   Since I was forced to move away a few years back, due to an aging Mother, (She is gone, now, but she would have expected the "M" to be capitalized!),  I think of the town a lot, and return for a month every year.  Someday, maybe for longer!                       Mike
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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Morro Bay Fishing Fleet

                                                             16"x20" Oil on canvas     

The fishing industry in the USA is in dire straits, and the title of this painting, unfortunately, is no longer true. These two boats, once working full time, are gone, as are many others. One of the two above was junked, the other I have heard is being converted to a Sea Scout vessel, but is no longer in Morro Bay.  I painted the red,white and black one many times (it's the subject of my first post on this blog).   I have many photos of these boats, so I'll be doing them again, occasionally.  It was nicer doing them in plein air, though. 

Friends have told me they are unable to comment on my blog.  I am aware of that fact and have just not finished setting things up.  By next Monday the 13th, I'll have everything going, I hope.          Mike
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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Country Town

                                                             18"x24" Oil on Canvas

Another frequently visited site I favor. It is a small group of structures, consisting of a glassworks kiln, a pottery shack, an art gallery, a small restaurant, and, oddly enough, a post office in the white building.  I remember that day as a cool winter morning (California gets green in winter, after the rains). As we were finishing up, around noon, the smell of barbecue somewhere near us hastened our clean up.  This is a studio painting done from the smaller oil study I actually did on location.   One week remaining until I can start my auction.  Yeah!!                                      Mike
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Monday, June 6, 2011

Los Osos Valley Farm

                                               9"x12" Oil on canvas on hard panel

This was done a while back on one of my return trips to my old home grounds on California's central coast.  It is a beautiful area with great subject matter everywhere.  I miss it.  Every year I try to get back there for a month or so.  There are many outstanding artists there, some of whom are good friends of mine and we always get out as much as we can during my visits.

The scene above is an old farm just off the major valley road, and I have painted it many times.  On that day an overcast sky was breaking up and the sun caused cast shadows to appear.  Ah Yes!  I remember it well.  (Apologies to M. Chevalier).     

Just over a week from now for me to try an auction.                     Mike
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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Piedras Blancas

                                                             18"x24" Oil on canvas

A large studio painting done from a small plein air study. The title (the name of the lighthouse) refers to the large rocks made white by bird droppings. Painting this spot is a challenge because the large rock behind the peninsula fights with the lighthouse for center of interest.  I tried to mitigate this by making the lighthouse really bright. Still not sure if it worked.  The lighthouse is located  on California's central coast.  Incidentally, there used to be a glass covering on top of the structure, sheltering a large fresnel lens. When the operation was automated, the lens was removed and can now be seen in the center of the little town of Cambria.

 A week or so until I can auction available art.                       Mike
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Saturday, June 4, 2011

One More Monday

                                               12"x16"  Oil on Canvas on Hardboard

Hello again!   I am slooowly making headway in my battle to get my blog going.  On my first attempt the post date was not correct and I think I can get that right next time.   I don't have email set up yet, but am working on it.  By the time the "Daily Paintworks" auction site is ready for new members, I should be ready to get into action.  Until then, I will continue to show a sampling of my work which has already sold.  The one above was done a while back somewhere around Meridian Miss.  The lady was actually hanging laundry, and the setting was almost like a movie set.  I asked her permission to paint her and her home and she gave me a smiling OK and then a very nice critique.  Said she liked it a lot.  Hope you do.too.

I want to thank Carol Marine for inspiring me to this blog effort.  After following her posts for some time, I finally met her in  LaCombe, Louisiana  recently and she was as warm and kind as her blog indicates.  And, a wonderful artist!       Mike

Friday, June 3, 2011

Work and Play

                                    11"x14 Oil on  linen panel                                                           

This is my first attempt at blogging, and I hope you all will be tolerant.  I'm floundering.  For example, I think my self photo is embarrassingly large, but, at this point I don't see a way to reduce it. Ah Well!  Thats a minor problem, I'll live with it.  Then, there's email problems I don't yet understand,  text columns that realign themselves--Argh!   Anyway, the painting above ( At least, I hope it will be above! ) was done in Morro Bay, Cal. near where I lived until very recently.  The title was prompted by the old fishing boat in the background with the pleasure boats in front.  As indicated, it has already been sold.

As soon as I am able to get on DPW Auctions, which I think will be around June 15th, I will show available "art for sale".   Although I do paint almost daily, I won't attempt to provide paintings for auction every day.  I am old, supposedly "retired", and obligated to provide work to my galleries , (and a little lazy).  Until DPW is available, I will continue to show paintings that are already sold.   Perhaps by then, I will better understand the mechanics of blogging and auction.  Let's hope!  Wow! I sure used a lot of exclamation points.              Mike
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