Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Morro Bay Fishing Fleet

                                                             16"x20" Oil on canvas     

The fishing industry in the USA is in dire straits, and the title of this painting, unfortunately, is no longer true. These two boats, once working full time, are gone, as are many others. One of the two above was junked, the other I have heard is being converted to a Sea Scout vessel, but is no longer in Morro Bay.  I painted the red,white and black one many times (it's the subject of my first post on this blog).   I have many photos of these boats, so I'll be doing them again, occasionally.  It was nicer doing them in plein air, though. 

Friends have told me they are unable to comment on my blog.  I am aware of that fact and have just not finished setting things up.  By next Monday the 13th, I'll have everything going, I hope.          Mike
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