Saturday, June 4, 2011

One More Monday

                                               12"x16"  Oil on Canvas on Hardboard

Hello again!   I am slooowly making headway in my battle to get my blog going.  On my first attempt the post date was not correct and I think I can get that right next time.   I don't have email set up yet, but am working on it.  By the time the "Daily Paintworks" auction site is ready for new members, I should be ready to get into action.  Until then, I will continue to show a sampling of my work which has already sold.  The one above was done a while back somewhere around Meridian Miss.  The lady was actually hanging laundry, and the setting was almost like a movie set.  I asked her permission to paint her and her home and she gave me a smiling OK and then a very nice critique.  Said she liked it a lot.  Hope you do.too.

I want to thank Carol Marine for inspiring me to this blog effort.  After following her posts for some time, I finally met her in  LaCombe, Louisiana  recently and she was as warm and kind as her blog indicates.  And, a wonderful artist!       Mike

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