Thursday, June 9, 2011

Windy day at Leffingwell

                                                       20"x30" Oil on Linen Canvas  

This is a scene from the wonderful little town of Cambria. California, where I lived for 27 years.  It hangs in the medical office of one of my oldest friends.  Leffingwell is now a state park area.   In olden days the indian inhabitants used to drag whales on to the beach for flensing.   It is a beautiful scene, and I was painting with the "Wednesday Irregulars" who are actually pretty regular as a group, although the number of participants varies from wednesday to wednesday.   Since I was forced to move away a few years back, due to an aging Mother, (She is gone, now, but she would have expected the "M" to be capitalized!),  I think of the town a lot, and return for a month every year.  Someday, maybe for longer!                       Mike
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