Monday, March 26, 2012

Cambria Fishermen

                                                    16"x20" Oil on linen

Way back when I first got my blog going, I posted a painting of Leffingwell Landing, a beautiful promontory  jutting out into the Pacific ocean in Cambria, California.  I also noted that the local Chumash indians used to drag whales up onto the little cove beach there.  This is that cove beach.  Those are not indians, however.The fisherman are all members of the Cambria fishing club, and they were not intending to pursue whales that day.  They were actually practicing means of finding the beach in the event of a sudden onset of the dense fog that occasionally appears in that area, using police whistles and auditory signals.  The gentleman at the bow was my neighbor when I lived there.  Sigh!  I did a little 4"x5" sketch and took photos, then scaled it up in my  studio later.                            Mike

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