Friday, January 27, 2012

White house, NC

                                                 9"x12"  Oil on canvas on wood
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I have some panels I made up a long time ago, where I glued canvas to a wood veneer backing.  I am waiting for an order of commercial panels to arrive, so I tried one for the first time in a while.  This is the resulting work.  It shows all right, I guess, but the back is just bare wood.   I sort of like the painting, though.  Ah well!  Perhaps someone else will, too.                           Mike

1 comment:

  1. I'm curious what the advantages and disadvantages are compared to stretched canvases (not sure of the terminology). I have to admit, from a non-painter's point of view, I kind of like the idea of the bare wood in back, if only because it makes it seem like part of a medieval diptych or triptych.

    Hmmm...and that suddenly makes me wonder what something in your style and subject matter would look like as two or three attached panels as though it were a progression or story or different views of the subject or similar views of different subjects or something along that line? Interesting to think about just because it is so different from the subject matter one normally associates with diptychs and triptychs.

    In any case, painting on panels like that would certainly prevent the type of theft you typically see in crime thrillers where the thief cuts the painting's canvas out of the frame, rolls it up and thrusts it into a satchel slung over his back before the alarm goes off and then jumps out the window to rappel down the remaining thirty-two stories of the skyscraper that he originally climbed fifty-three stories down from the top of to get to the office of the painting’s owner in the first place (and of course as he reaches the ground, he flings off his mask in triumph to reveal that "he" is actually a woman! At which point her supposed partner on the ground knocks her out with a stun gun, grabs the satchel, and takes off for East Timor as the opening credits begin to appear on the screen).

    Ok, ok, sorry for the diversion (it's the mathematician in me I think). Tell me more about the process and differences of painting efforts on a solid surface as opposed to one that give a bit (as I assume the stretched canvas type must do?). Does it affect your technique?