Tuesday, August 9, 2011

One more day of painting

Today I am going to photograph and frame a trio of paintings I just finished for local art shows.  Tomorrow I will post a photo of one of them.  I have been doing so much plein air landscape painting, I am getting a little bored with it (temporary feeling,only).  I think I may do a figure, or self portrait, or abstract, or something different to rock my boat
I have received many very nice emails from artists since I started this blog, but none from a member of the general public.  I guess it takes a long time for a blog to get around.  Perhaps I should start wearing long blonde wigs, tattoos, and meat shirts or something to catch the public eye.   I do play dixieland banjo, but I sing like a frog with a man in it's throat.  Ah Well!   I will admit I am having a lot of fun.       Mike   

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  1. I'm sure ou would get attention with that look, but UGH, what a site!