Monday, April 9, 2012

Study for Pat

                                                    12"x16" Oil on linen
                                                          Gift to friend                              
I frequently use small  paintings I have done on location  to scale up for for larger studio works.   This was the case with this one.   The larger version was posted some time ago in this blog.   I did this one on a beautiful spring day about two years ago.   A good friend saw and admired it a while back, and since she and her husband are warm, unselfish, people, who helped me a lot when I first moved into their community, I happily gave it to her.  Actually, I say happily, but I wish I were a better artist so I could have given a better painting.  Heading out to paint now, have a good day!            Mike

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  1. mike, i left you a liebster blog award on my blog, stop by and pick it up! thanks for the inspiration, sir! as always, love your work!