Monday, March 19, 2012


                                                   16"by20"   Oil on linen
                                  Swapped with fellow artist
A larger version of a subject I posted a few months ago ("Just a memory" Mar 3).   The title refers to the herd of Banded Galloway cattle in front of the barn, whose unique coloring is hard to believe..   As I noted in the earlier post, the buildings have since been demolished and the cattle removed.  This painting was done in my studio from earlier sketches.  Today has not been a good day.  Both of my computers have conspired to drive me crazy!  One has unwanted security windows popping up constantly, slowing me  and frustrating me.   The other changes fonts for no apparent reason, and all different from the one on the blog itself.  (Note the 16"x20" Oil on linen painting size above).  It's the same font and size on my worksheet, but different here.   Why?   I am a rotten typist on top of everything else.  AARRGGHH!!!

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  1. So sorry to hear of your computer problems. I just went over to my local computer store and ordered a new one custom made because I was having problems with mine too. So she has my current one fixed until she's done builting the new one...I recommend the purchase of a new one..they are only suppose to last about 3 years anymore. Good luck! Carol