Friday, February 24, 2012

Glass works

                                             11"x14"  Oil on linen panel

This is a much visited artistic glassworks in the little town of Harmony, California.   I have painted the town both from the main road and from behind the group of structures comprising the whole.  One of those paintings I posted in the early days of this blog.  Harmony is a favorite location for artists and my group has spent many Wednesdays there.  On the day I did this particular work, I was painting with my friend, David.  We both did the same view, his turned out better, as usual, but he is a really accomplished professional.   He is also the "slower than molasses in winter" friend I have mentioned before.   Think I'll show a picture of him.

As you can see, it was chilly that day.   As much as I love California, I will admit that some mornings, although beautiful, are chilly.                             Mike                        

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