Friday, October 7, 2011

First Still Life

                                                16"x20" Oil on canvas
This, I believe, is my first attempt at a realistic still life.  I had a couple of those $1 "How To Paint" books and I stole oops! borrowed several items from the demos. One of my brothers wanted it and I gave it to him.  It still hangs on his wall.  I look at it now and it's so different from my present work.  I have always admired grayed down paintings and sometimes I look at my work and think "too much color".  Oh well!  For many years I have tried to decide which style is mine---and I'm still not sure.  I have some nice photos of some gray Nova Scotia fishing shacks.  Think I'll try a gray one again.      Mike

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  1. I like your color works! they say Mike Alonzo! Jan