Friday, September 30, 2011

First landscape

                                               12"x16" Oil on panel 
Just for fun, I thought I'd show one of my earliest efforts.  It was a very long time ago.  A different world.
This was about my 5th landscape, but the first that was sold.  I started off doing George Braque type still life (just one or two) because I liked his color, but gravitated to landscape, which I enjoyed far more. You can see modernist in this painting in the false perspective and the outlined structures. I sort of like the color harmony in this scene,and yet it looks dirty in many spots.  I didn't know much about color then, I once tried to paint a model in a bright purple sweater, and I only had cerulean blue and cad red light.  Try getting a bright purple with those!    Have fun.    Mike

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