Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Farm near SLO

                                            14"x18" Oilon linen canvas
Here's hoping this blog attempt goes smoothly.  My late friend, George Gibson, and I spent a nice day painting at this location.   I was up on a rise looking down,as you can see, George was a little bit to my right doing his usual masterpiece.  Cows are curious creatures, and they kept nosing up behind us like they were supervising our work.  Sort of satisfying.  One other day, though, three Charolais ( I think that spelling is right) bulls silently came up behind us.  Our first inkling was when the ranch manager came up on a four wheeler and shouted "I'll chase them off".  We turned around and  saw three really large animals that obviously were not cows.  He did chase them off, but we painted with one eye over our shoulder (a neat trick!) for the rest of the day.            Mike 

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