Thursday, September 8, 2011

Carmel beach

                                              9"x12" Oil on linen panel

This is a painting of a scene near Carmel,Ca.   Carmel is a beautiful community in Central Ca. that was the location of the movie "Play Misty for Me" years ago and became more well known when Clint Eastwood became it's mayor a few years later.  The seascapes are wonderful in every direction,with interesting rocks, turquoise water patches, and great wave action.   I often muse that my own loved town of Cambria is remarkably like Carmel was many years ago.          Mike

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  1. Lovely Carmel - we were married there in 1969. We live in Oregon now, and haven't been back for probably 40 years. I wonder if it's as beautiful as it was. Your painting indicates that it must be.