Monday, August 29, 2011

Flying fun

                                                      Preflighting the aircraft

I'm an old aviator, and a week or so ago, I took some of my friends (and neighbors) flying.  Since I can't sustain a painting a day pace, I thought I'd fill in for today with some photos of the afternoon.  We flew out of a small field in Hendersonville NC.  That's me in the above shot, checking out the Piper Cherokee.  The next shot is of Hendersonville downtown from the air, right after takeoff.

We flew for about an hour, over the beautiful mountainous terrain, Shown below.

                                             Oops!  That area is flat.  Still beautiful.

Then, there's a shot of me (Left seat) bringing us in for a landing.

                                               Not a very big airfield.

Made a nice landing, which was good, considering the critics with me.

Finally, a shot of the worst critic, my neighbor and friend, Dennis, right after the landing.  See why I'm not too upset if my paintings are critiqued?             Mike

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