Tuesday, July 26, 2011


                                                         30"x30" Oil on stretched linen

Once upon a time, when the OPA first had a Western Regional Show in Santa Barbara Ca. this painting was accepted and won an award.  It was used for posters for the show, and was used for the cover of "Santa Barbara" magazine   I felt wonderful!  But it didn't sell.  Oh well! That was no big deal, The OPA had judged me, Mike Alonzo, as a winner.

Some months later, one of our very small local groups had a juried show, and I submitted it.  There were only about thirty paintings entered, so I had visions of winning a cash award, which is always nice.  I was quickly brought back to earth when my painting didn't win a thing.  It couldn't---the judge didn't think it was even good enough for the show and it wasn't hung! ( I love exclamation marks!).   Talk about being taught humility!!!     (Love em!)                               Mike            

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  1. Thanks for sharing your experience, I have had the same experience a number of times. The Nat'l Prize winners or well known show winners frequently do not make it into smaller or local shows and often are not sold, weird but true, so I guess we get to look at our achievements on our own walls.Go figure!